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Yosemite!! Sep 19-22, 1997

It all started with a throwaway comment, "Gee, hasn't it been a couple of years since we had fun with bears in Yosemite?  Isn't it about time we had another up close and personal look at the furry creatures?"  Ok, so we cranked up the e-mail machine and got the ball rolling.  Almost everyone from the original assault team signed up for the sequel... fools.  However, it didn't seem fair to hog all the fun so we widened our net and captured a few first-timers.  

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"Golly, will we really see some bears," they asked.  "Snicker, snicker," was the reply from the old hands.  "Yeah, and they're so cute rooting around in your pack, sniffing the length of your tent at midnight, climbing trees after the food you took pains to hide but merely succeeded in advertising like a neon flag.  Yeah, they're cute all right... cute like Darth Vader."  (Background chant, "...if I only had a brain...")

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Enough about bears already.  The REAL objective is to get away from it all, ditch the day to day grind that is computer geekdom, and take in some fresh air, see some sites, and challenge our physical beings... cough, wheeze.   The chosen hike covers some 30 miles.  It begins in Tuolumne Meadows on the northeast end of Yosemite, NP on Tioga Rd. and ends in Yosemite Valley four days later.   Each day is programmed... er... scheduled for about 8 miles with at least one major attraction along the way.  This way the troops stay interested and mutinies are quelled, important if you are responsible for planning!

The Hike

bulletDay 1:   Muir trail @ Tioga Rd. to Sunrise High Sierra Camp
bulletLength:  8mi
bulletBeginning Elevation:  7,900ft
bulletEnding Elevation:  9,300ft
bulletGain/Loss:  +2,025ft/-1,280ft
bulletDay 2:  Sunrise HSC to Clouds Rest
bulletLength:  7.5mi
bulletEnding Elevation:  9,500ft
bulletGain/Loss:  +1,950ft/-2,000ft
bulletDay 3:  Clouds Rest to Half Dome
bulletLength:  7mi
bulletEnding Elevation:  7,300ft
bulletGain/Loss:  +2,100ft/-4,600ft
bulletDay 4:  Half Dome to Yosemite Valley
bulletLength:  4.8mi
bulletEnding Elevation:  4,025ft
bulletGain/Loss:  +400ft/-3,540ft

The Crew

bulletNames of the participants are NOT being withheld to protect the innocent.  In no particular order they are:
bulletAndrew and Martha Carver, aka. "The Carvers."   Andrew is jungle guide for desert environments including Borrego, SP and the Grand Canyon.  Martha is one of the newbes to the Yosemite team.
bulletTom Boldt, a.k.a. T. Boldt or Mr. GQ.  A recidivist (It's a good word.  Looked it up in Funk and Wagnall's) with our Yosemite assault team.
bulletSerge and Adriana Issakov.  How a Russian and a German could be married to each other is beyond me... How does that wise old saying go, "those who don't know history are doomed..."  Serge is a two timer and Adrian is another newbe.  (Ooops, did that come out wrong?)
bulletHal Lonas.  Our man who  escaped a brood of 4 kids to rest-up climbing tall mountains.  "Watch out for that cliff... don't jump!!!"  Hal is the guy who got this trip rolling... no surprise there.
bulletBrett Phillips, a.k.a. the Brettster.  Big man on campus.   Only guy on the trip that outweighs me.  Geek extrodinaire.  Sent his Nikon film off to Kodak to have a CD-ROM made of the adventure.  Visit his site at
bulletKurt Kremer and Susan Feldman, Mr. Personality meets Ms. Physically Fit.  Susan is a newbe but is probably the only person in the group that can run him down if he steps out of line.  Kurt is another one of those damn recidivists.
bulletJohn De Aguiar, a.k.a. Johnnie D. or Mr. Math or Vector Brain or CADman... Man of many talents.  Amazingly fit for a clubfoot, harelip northern Californian.  A newbe but learns quickly... "No John, we didn't know that total entropy of the earth is being increased by our journey.  Turn it off, will ya?"
bulletJohn Hart, a.k.a. The Vet Doc.  Though new to the Yosemite group, John is team medic on many other adventures.  "Show us again how how you fix a broken leg..."
bulletGary Stowell, the Old Fart.  Still in there pitching, though fading fast.  Already picked out his burial site but I don't think the Park Service will go for it.

Some Notes

bulletIt is worth clicking on the maps to enlarge them in their own frame.  Each map has several hot links from locations along the route (marked with flags) to pictures taken at or of that location.
bulletPlease, wait until the little thingy on your browser stops spinning or you'll miss some of the cool stuff the webmaster worked so hard to include.   Those with slow connections to the Internet... go for coffee.
bulletMost of the pictures have words with them.  Scroll around to get the play by play.
bulletThe pictures came from three sources, a Kodak Photo-CD (thanks Brett), scanned prints from various cameras including a panoramic disposable (thanks everyone else), and a digital camera (happy birthday Gary).  See if you can tell which is which.  There is no prize.
bulletThe frames pages (Day1 - Day 4) are resizable.  If you don't have at least a 17" monitor, you'll want to take advantage or this feature.   Many pictures are large, >750 pixels.
bulletThis site is best viewed with MSIE 3.0 or later.   Netscape 3.0/4.0 will work but I used a Microsoft product to author this site and it discriminates against Netscape where possible.  Imagine that...  Billy boy is a dirty trickster. 
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bulletAs always, if you have some complaints about this site or its contents... fold it five ways and...

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