Kitchen Remodel '02 Other

Ever brave, the Stowells embarked on yet another remodeling project on our San Diego home.  This time is the point of attack was the kitchen.  "Everything must go," was the battle cry.  The house was built in 1979 so the kitchen was due for an upgrade.

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Demolition of old tile countertops begins

Cabinets awaiting demolition. Office to left, family room forward, photographer in sun room

Floor in Kitchen and Sun Room get new tile. Sun Room used to be a deck but was a casualty of a previous remodel effort

Mom in her command center-to-be

Paws and Mom. The dog is old and confused by the construction.

New stove and sinks going in next. Bars on the portal over the stove gotta go

Standing in family room looking back thru the kitchen toward the sun room. Office to the right

Oh yes, and the old tile floor goes as well

Upper cabinets above far right counter are history, too

Rebuilding begins

New faces for the cabinets and drawers. The old ones were pretty sad

Standing in sun room, kitchen to the left, dining room thru doors. New pantry cabinets go on either side of the french doors.

Obviously, poor white trash live here. Note to self, avoid inviting friends in while remodeling. Your reputation will suffer

Final inspection of cabinet door choice in progress. Note the serious expression.

Pantry cabinets installed... victory for Mom who never had space for necessary kitchen storage

New drawers and cabinet doors going on.