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Navigating the Trail

There are no official trail markers in the desert, except for some trailheads.  This particular trail to the Goat Canyon trestle begins at Mortero Palms.  The trailhead is officially marked and is located at the end of a 6.7 mile jeep trail coursing along Mortero Wash.  Consult the driving directions page for details on how to get there.  

The hike begins at the junction of two distinct washes.  Climbing either wash can get you to Goat Canyon, but the "correct" wash is west-north-west from the trailhead signpost.  

You must cross the north-south wash (proceed west) to Mortero Palm Canyon wash.  Palm wash begins about 75yds to the west.  Once in Palm wash, take an immediate left and begin climbing the steep canyon that presents itself.  A somewhat easier climb straight ahead temps you, but Palm wash is the shortest and most interesting route.  Getting into the "right" canyon is everything.  You can't go wrong once you begin climbing... at least until you reach the meadow at the top, at which time you must select the "correct" canyon to descend - Goat Canyon.  Goat Canyon tends to the right from the summit above Mortero Palm Canyon. 

It is recommended that you bring a good 7.5min topo map of the area and a compass in case you lose the trail.The below maps and elevation chart should be helpful.  You should also read the travelogue since it has more detail about the trail at several waypoints.


Hike Maps

Trail Topo Map
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Trail Elevation Profile
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